Time Lapse

Accelerated - Time Lapse videos on investments

Cameras for marketing, which send an image to our server at specified intervals, usually every 5 minutes. At the end of the project, the images will be stitched together and it will present the whole project in one accelerated image.

I want an investment monitoring system

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The assessment will be conducted on site at a pre-arranged time. We will check the conditions of the venue, what the light conditions are like, where and how the wiring can be done.
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Our staff will prepare a detailed quotation that includes the costs of all the material and labour if you request the system with installation.
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We clarify our Customers' questions during a face-to-face discussion.
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At the time agreed before, our staff will appear and install the investment monitoring system. If you request it without installation, we will send you the pre-set system in a condition ready for installation. At the end of the project, from the captured images our clients will receive a short film that can be used for any marketing and presentation purpose.

Reference Videos

Time Lapse tips

The best shots start when there is no electricity in the area yet. Solar powering your Time Lapse camera is easy with solar systems. You can continuously monitor the construction and get access to live images.
It is also possible to record the camera images live so you will not miss anything and you can look back at what interests you.
It is advised to make several kinds of videos, it is possible to make a video of more than ten minutes’ length from the pictures taken in every 15 minutes, depending on the time of execution. However, it's a good idea to make a very fast movie, up to 20 seconds long, which can be great on a social media site, for example Instagram, Facebook or Linkedin.