Alarm Systems

We install and remotely monitor the Canadian-made PARADOX alarm systems. The systems are built in a modular manner and they are easy to be expanded. An existing wired system can be supplemented with a wireless expander with wireless sensors, wireless sirens and remote controls. The DIY - Install yourself Alarm systems are produced by Hikvision and can be easily installed independently.

Alarm Systems

I want an alarm system

Alarm Systems1


The assessment will be conducted on site at a pre-arranged time. We will check the site conditions, where the entrance is, where the operator will be, what rooms and what sensors will be installed.
Alarm Systems2


Our staff will prepare a detailed quotation including the cost of all the documentation and labour.
Alarm Systems3


We clarify our Customers' questions during a face-to-face discussion.
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At the appointed time, our colleagues will appear and install the alarm system. After their work, they clean up and teach how to operate the system.

How the Alarm System protects?