Easy IP 4.0

Video surveillance does not have to be complex. Technological advancements in every corner of our lives is becoming more and more simplified and user-friendly. And it’s true in security, too. What makes the best security system? The right components in the right places. And for the small to medium sized businesses with budget and time restrictions, Hikvision has got the right solution. The EasyIP 4.0 Solution.


Hikvision AcuSense Technology

Based on deep learning algorithms, Hikvision AcuSense technology can now perform target classification. This technology immensely increases the alarm accuracy rate and brings a more convenient and effective way to search through video clips.

Color VU technology

With Hikvision ColorVu technology, zero-light environments are no longer a problem for security. Better lenses, more advanced sensors, and soft supplemental lighting come together to take image quality, even in total darkness, to a new level.

False Alarms

People and vehicle intrusions are the most common concerns in perimeter protection. However, conventional security surveillance systems lack the ability to classify object types, resulting in endless false alarms.
With unnecessary informations, users receive too much irrelevant information.
A lot of false alarms cause low alarm effectiveness.










False Alarm Filter

Empowered by deep learning algorithms, Hikvision AcuSense technology brings target classification to both front-end and back-end devices. With precise target classification, the system can filter out up to 90% of the false alarm events, vastly improving alarm efficiency and effectiveness, as well as reducing labor costs.

Strobe Light and Audio Alarm


Combining Audio and Flash

IP cameras equipped with Hikvision AcuSense technology now have the ability to identify and classify objects into three categories: human, vehicle, and other. In perimeter protection, when cameras classify a moving object as human, they trigger an alarm and flashing light to ward off intruders.

Capture facial information of intruders

Cameraswithstrobelightandaudioalarmprovidebetteropportunitiestocapture facial information of intruders because people are inclined to turn to the source of sudden lights and sounds.

Application Scenarios